“Cary Gott – Dream Weaving Winemaker”

by Jane Hodges Young, Northbay Biz – March 2017

You can call him “Dream Weaver.”

For 18 years now, Cary Gott, founder and owner of St. Helena-based Vineyard & Winery Estates, has been helping wannabe winery owners, “Cross the highways of fantasy…to the bright side of the moon,” as the song goes in Gary Wright’s 1975 hit song “Dream Weaver.”

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“Wednesdays With Winemakers – Cary Gott”

by Ilonao/People, Wednesdays with Winemakers, Wine – July 6, 2016

Cary Gott is a fourth generation California grape grower and highly renowned winemaker. For more than 40 years, Gott has mastered his winemaking skills, producing world class vintages for some of California’s most acclaimed wineries. Gott owns and operates Vineyard & Winery Estates in Napa Valley, a company designed to help people begin and operate super-premium wineries and vineyards.

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“February 2016”

VINEYARD & WINERY ESTATES provides specialized management services to select ultra-premium wine and vineyard estates. Our services range from start-up efforts of new super premium brands to evaluation of and re-shaping existing winery and vineyard operations.

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“In building wineries, St. Helena’s Cary Gott is one of key ingredients.”

by Tim Carl/St. Helena Star – July 14, 2015

If there were a recipe for making a high-profile Napa Valley winery and vineyard, Cary Gott would likely be among the key ingredients. He has been involved in the creation of more than 20 wineries, and he has a history that gives him unique expertise.

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“Want to get into the wine biz? Get Gott”

by Jennifer Huffman/Napa Valley Register – January 31, 2012

Cary Gott, founder of Vineyard & Winery Estates, helps people who want to get into the wine business, whether that means building a winery from scratch or reshaping an existing operation. But Gott has another way of describing it.

“I’m a dream weaver for people,” Gott said. “I will help you get your dream. If you’re dreaming incorrectly, I will correct you, but what I try to do is steer you down your path that you get to fulfill.”

Gott, 63, is the fourth generation of his family to work in the California grape and wine business. He previously worked at Seagram Chateau and Estates, Sterling Vineyards and Mumm Napa Valley, in addition to other enterprises.

The family also owns Gott’s Roadside cafés.

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